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The Time we de-stressed our distress...

Welcome to Absolutely Golden Podcast!

Back in August we started our podcast! I am now going back to blog the episodes! This may take some time but it's a nice excuse to listen back!

This particular episode was recorded on the hottest day of the year! We also dive straight in talking about stress and how we cope with it, without the obvious biscuit tin visits (although they feature heavily!)

Exercise seems to help both of us - Josie is a full blown Zumba and boot camp nut and finds it calms her! We both have dogs and love going out to explore our beautiful countryside here in Norfolk! Lockdown brought with it an excuse to get out on our bikes. I even got a basket for my dog, Dougal! That meant that we didn't have to worry about him getting too tired! Josie got into a running group called 'Plodders to Joggers' - Best running group title EVER!

Exercise brings the endorphins and help you feel happy! It is rare you will feel worse after having a workout! Even if the thought of it isn't appealing the odds are you will feel better once you are done!

The other big de-stresser for both of us is our pets!... Maggie and Dougal are our dogs and Josie also has 3 cats (Benny, Perry and Willow) and 2 guinea pigs and we have a hammy named Nibbles! We love our animals as they bring unconditional love (well the dogs do - cats are slightly more choosy) and seem to feel our mood and give us just what we need in the way of love without even having to ask for it. It is a well known fact that stroking a pet reduces stress. Dog cuddles rock!

Both Josie and I love our gardens although she is a much better gardener than me! Lockdown brought us the time to spend on the gardens and they did look splendid all summer long! I loved growing tomatoes and Josie professed her love for seedlings! The joy of growing new plants from pepper seeds that I took from bought peppers was palpable! My courgettes were tiny and yet I was still massively excited about them!

Josie was very close to her grandparents who introduced her to gardening and helped her fall in love with garden centres - beautiful plants and the bonus of coffee shops and cake.

My favourite stress reliever is cleaning, organising and keeping on top of my home. Our lives are very 'bitty' as we have fingers in lots of pies! The only way I can manage my stress with regards to this is to write lists. I follow 'The Organised Mum Method' and this has been a complete game changer for me. https://www.theorganisedmum.blog/ If you feel the need to get on top of your home this is the place to go! My stress levels have decreased hugely since following this method and as a bonus the house has never been cleaner! Self employment means having to be very organised - For us, if we don't write it down, it probably won't happen! Stress and hormones go together like cake and a cuppa! Ticking off a list feels like you have accomplished something positive. This helps keep the rage at bay! When the hormones are playing you up keeping on top of the organisation WILL help!

We talked about sleep in this episode... Remove the phone from the bedroom, switch off notifications, learn to say no or to ignore something - this is much easier said than done but is so important in the fight against stress! Facebook and Instagram has a huge amount of toxicity and reading hours and hours of this mindless crap can really raise your stress levels! Unfollow the people that make you mad... they won't know and you will feel better! Follow those that make you laugh! Algorithms work! If you read lots of funny posts your feed will be flooded with joy! If you click on scaremongering headlines your feed will be flooded with negativity! Social media presents us with perfection, we just need to remember that it's not real... reality is spilled bean juice, dust and dog shit on your shoe!

Josie's Quotey this week...

"Give your stress wings and let it fly away!"

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