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The Time Things Got Snoozy

The Time Things Got Snoozy

Sleep - The most wonderful thing but can be the source of a huge amount of stress if you can’t get any! The vicious circle of needing to get to sleep, stressing about not falling asleep, counting down how many hours until you have to get up, needing to get to sleep etc etc.

There are many things that can affect our sleep. Josie and I agreed on the fact that we never really ever recovered from having kids. I don’t mean physically (although that’s probably debateable) but more in the sense that once ou have babies you tend to sleep with one ear on high alert… this starts again once they are teens by the way!

Babies and sleep is a whole nightmare for some. I don't have massive words of advice other than just survive, do what your gut tells you and accept any help offered! Don't follow fads and accept that you can't pour from an empty cup. If you are exhausted to the point of broken you won't be doing so great at the parenting thing! You are important too!

We discuss loads of different ways to help aid good sleep in this episode. Laying off the tech seems to be a BIG thing in getting to sleep and staying asleep. Insomnia is worsened by the blue light that is given off by our devices. Putting the phone in a different room to charge overnight is the best option but if you can't do that then put it on airplane mode and put the NightShift mode to good use to let your brain get into sleepy mode! Worry seems to be the worst factor - it's annoying as once that worry kicks in it's hard to stop it.

Are you a dream expert? We really are fascinated by dreams and would love to hear from anyone that is good at analysing them! We have some pretty trippy ones! Listen to the pod to find out more...

Relaxation exercises can help, there are loads out there to try. Have a google or listen on to see how we do it!

Hot chocolate, bubble bath and some chilled music will help if all else fails seek some help.. it's always ok to get help.

Big Sleepy hugs...

Josie's Quotey this week...

"Sleep is the golden chain that binds our health and bodies together"

Claire x

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