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The Time We Analysed Our Self Image

Updated: Jan 3

Lord, where do we start on self image? It is something that we think everyone struggles with at some point! It is linked in with so much in our lives. Lack of self worth, bullying and even a single unintentional comment from someone can change how we feel about ourselves.

We LOVE a stylist and we particularly love the amazing Emily Innes and how much positivity she is bringing to women all over the country. Dressing for your colouring and shape can make the world of difference to how you feel. Don’t listen to the inner chimp telling you you’re not good enough and you can’t wear that… you are and you can!

Bullying affected me hugely and has had a massive impact on my whole life. The boys that tormented me at school I am sure had no realisation that they were doing such damage. Be careful with your words.

Thinking about celebrity and weight - The likes of Adele, who has had such incredible global success writing her first album at 16 and going on to achieve double platinum record sales in the UK and triple platinum in the US, is still under scrutiny about her weight loss. Is the fact that she lost weight really the most interesting thing about her?

Don’t comment on peoples weight - just tell them they look great. The ball is then in their court to either talk about their weight loss or to just say thanks and leave it there! This is most pertinent with young people!

Botox, lip fillers and cosmetic surgery. We wonder whether this obsession for perfection comes from the instagram, snap chat generation of filters. I am emphatically anti-filter. #bereal #nofilter

Much love to you - and as BabyBird once said… ‘You’re Gorgeous’

Josie’s Quotey this week…

‘You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection’

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