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The Time We Babbled About Body Image

Who doesn't struggle with how they look from time to time? I think from the most beautiful supermodel to the most disheveled new mum there are always times when we feel less than amazing! But when does it become a bigger problem? Commonly associated with extremes of weight, body dysmorphic disorder can leave people obsessing about their physical appearance. This can lead to issues like anorexia which we discuss in this podcast.

The lady who very kindly spoke to us about her daughters struggle with anorexia told us how it started and how she and her family are coping with the horrendous pressure it is putting on them. In this podcast she very bravely shared a poem she wrote to anorexia. It's a hard listen but her words of sheer determination are both massively inspiring and eye opening!

Both Josie and I discuss our own issues with our body image and we also pay attention to how social media can have both negative and positive impact on our self image.

Hope you enjoy this weeks podcast - Please share your thoughts with us or drop us a voice message on the contact page of the website!

Claire x

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