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The Time We Didn't Get Depressed

Most of us at some point have struggled with being depressed. It is far more common that we realise and it is becoming much more acceptable to talk about (thank goodness).

There are 9 types of depression and in this weeks pod Josie and I discuss them all... I myself have struggled with Perinatal depression in both my pregnancies. I think I also had postnatal depression. Josie also has suffered with postnatal depression. There are so many types that it is inevitable that at some point we will come across it in our lives.

The biggest thing we need to realise with depression is that needing help is OK! Josie talks about spinning phrases on their asses and turning a negative into a positive. Figuring out where it stems from can help.

When you feel yourself slipping into a funk there are loads of things you can do to stop the slide... Friends are hugely important. Lean on the ones that you love and are there for you. Embrace the things you love, try and find things to be grateful for and share the issue with someone else. A fresh perspective on a problem or something bringing you down can help hugely. Sleep well, eat well and try and find laughter somewhere (look through our podcasts and you won't go far wrong)

There is free help from the NHS at https://www.wellbeingnands.co.uk - If you need a hand, please use it! It's free and confidential and may just help to have someone unassociated with you to talk to.

Listen on to find out more on this subject!

Josie's Quotey this week...

"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you are re-reading the last one."

Much love

Claire x

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