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The Time We Spoke About School

Wow! School has never been more at the forefront of the news. The children have never had so much time at home. 6 months off school from March to September then a bit of something normal then Christmas brought the inevitable rise in covid 19 and now all bets are off again!

Josie and I discuss our school lives. I went to a private school and always felt bottom of the pile there. It wasn't for me and I ended up going to a state high school which turned out to be not the greatest move.

School is the time when the whole world is laying before you and there for the taking. Studying can be done later in life of course but it can be such hard work fitting it around family life, home, jobs and all the other 'adulting' that has to go on! I always encouraged my kids to take the opportunities that are there in front of them. FYI this doesn't always fall on open ears!

Josie tells the story of throwing up on the playground on her first day of high school. There then follows the best high school story ever. I won't ruin in by trying to replicate it! Listen to this episode to hear about her book token hilarity.

School teaches us so much in finding ourselves, making friends, standing up for yourself, time management and the list goes on! For thousands of kids this will have been taken away from them this last 9 months. It's hard for us as parents to empathise with them as we never went through this (although the pandemic has brought about it's own stresses for us) and they must be feeling so unbelievably sad about missing all this time with their peers.

Josie's Quotey this week...

"You don't want to look back and know you could have done better."

Gradually catching up with these blogs!

Claire x

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