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The Time when things got Musical!

We LOVE music! Nothing quite makes us as happy as music does! We have both been singers for many years. Music cheers us up every day! Turning up the volume and putting on a cracking playlist will always be a mood lifter!

Whatever mood you are in you can find music to fit! Angry? Sad? Happy? Silly? There is always a playlist to suit.

The comedy story from Christmas 2019 was taking our puppy to see 'Santa Woof Woof' (Listen to hear more!) and they had generic 'Best Christmas Ever' album playing! While the little lady from the RSPCA shook her collection bucket the joyous sound of Rage against the machine - Killing in the name came floating out of the speakers! The urge to run and cover her ears was overwhelming! Don't listen to this song if you are easily offended or have little people around!

Music goes back in our family for generations! My grandad was a pirate radio host in Norfolk in the 1930's! He was actually caught and had to shut down in 1934! He sold his story to the paper for the exact fine he had been dealt!

Singing has an amazing physical and emotional affect on us. It releases endorphins and increases your endocannabinoids by 40% - I have added the link here to watch the clip! My own theory here is that your brain is too busy when singing that you can't let your mind wander and stress! When you are at the gym and working out you will get a boost but your mind can still be whirring! Singing gives you much more! Josie tells us of how when she went to the gym she used to venture to the cafe afterwards for cheesey chips - But that's a different story!

Singing can make you feel good even if you're not 'a singer' - Have fun with it and see how good you feel!

Music as a hobby is a total win! Most hobbies that you have cost you money! If you play in a band or a group you can have a hobby that pays for itself!

Music has the power to change your mood - Use it wisely and enjoy the power it has!

I am going to be cracking on with blogging the podcasts as I go - 27 is just too many to do in one go!

Have a great day!

Josie's Quotey this week...

Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your soul...

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